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Liza is interested in photography with performative and cinematographic gestures, alluding to the pictorial archive and the documentary, in search of adding a humanistic response to psychological, biological and mystical mysteries. These journeys derive from the author’s need to resolve her personal history through the accidental relations that arise during her lifetime.

Her texts are a syncretic construction based on instants of the reality of his life (flash-backs). She is committed to finding the nightmare, the monstrous and the magical in the everyday. Her work revolves around mental states of tension that have disturbed her for long periods of life and which in turn connects to contemporary social problems.

Maintaining a deep bond between one’s own feelings as a reflection of others and on return. Trying to explain his existential and psychic journey. While trying to read topics such as the difficulty of female consanguineous relationships, the perverse of the familiar and the spirituality of art as a method of personal liberation.



Liza Ambrossio

b. 1992. Mexico City, Mexico. Lives and works in Madrid, Spain.



2017 -2018 Scholaship Discoveries Master in photography in the PIC. A School of Photo Spain and ‘La Fabrica’, Madrid, Spain

2016  Certificate in “New documental photography”, GYM of art and culture (Gimnasio de Arte y cultura), México City, México

2015  Scholaship for the Certificate in photographic investigation “Los ornamentos del olvido” (The ornaments of oblivion) , Pagina en blando, México City, México

2010-2015  Bachelor´s degree in Science of Communication whit specialty in journalism, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences; National Autonomous University of Mexico (U.N.A.M.), Mexico City, Mexico

2010-2013  Bachelor´s degree in Design, Metropolitan Autonomous University (U.A.M.), México City, Mexico



2017  Scholaship in Gulkinstan Residence for artist, Iceland

2017  Scholaship in Dallas, Texas. Residence for artist, U.S.A.



2018 Scholaship  for the portafolio review  in ‘Houston Fotofest’ , Houston E.U.A., N.L. Photo, artist winner

2017 Bindu special prize of The Third Contest of Contemporary Photography of México, Monterrey, Mexico, artist winner

2017  Scholarship ‘Discoveries 2017-2018’ to study the master in photography in the PIC. A school of Photo Spain and La Fabrica, Spain, artist winner

2017  Photo Independient, U.S.A., shortlist

2016  Tokio Photo Awards, Japan, first honorific mention

2016  Photo España, Trasatlantica, Panamá, official selection

2016  Lens Couture, Emerging talent, Holland, shortlist

2015  International Festival of the Image (F.I.N.I), México, series winner

2014  Festival, Paraty em foco, Brazil, shortlist



2016  The rage of devotion (‘La ira de la devoción’), Gallery 186, Ensenada, Baja California, México

2016  Blood of my blood (‘Sangre de mi sangre’), Gallery Casa Gotxicoa, San Pedro Garza, N.L., México



2017  Parque fundidora, Selección oficial del Tercer Concurso de Fotografía Contemporánea de México (Official selection of the Third Contest of  Contemporary Photography of Mexico), Monterrey, México

2017  Pagina en Blando, Emergentes y desconocidos (Emerging and unknown), México City, México

2015  Pagina en Blando, Disculpe las molestias (Excuse me for the inconveniences), México City, México

2014 Centro Cultural de España en México, Selección oficial del Festival Internacional de la Imagen (Official selección of the International Festival of the Image), México City, México

2014  Festival Paraty em foco, Selección oficial del Festival (Official selección of the Festival) Paraty, Brazil



2018 Clavo Ardiendo Magazine, Liza Ambrossio, Spain

2018 La Jornada, Ir de la ira a la devoción y viceversa, México

2018 Centro de la Imagen, Liza Ambrossio (PICA), México

2018 Fototazo, LatAm f100:Liza Ambrossio (…), Latin America

2017 Espacio Gaf, Liza Ambrossio “La ira de la devoción”, Latin America

2017  Project 1×1, Liza Ambrossio, México

2016  Rafael Roa Photography and more,  Liza Ambrossio, Spain

2016  FANG Magazine, Sangre de mi sangre (Blood of my blood), México

2015  Yaconic, Disculpe las molestias (Excuse me for the inconveniences), México

2015  Cuartoscuro, Los pecados de mi padre (The sins of my father), México

2015  L´Oeil de la photographie, Les péchés de mon père, E.E.U.U.- France



2018  La ira de la devoción (The rage of devotion), Desiertas Ediciones (México) & La Fabrica (Spain)











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