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In 2014 I decide to abandon all relationship with my past, to change my life in the most extraordinary way possible. I looked in, I remembered the last sentence with which my mother left me the last time I saw her and started a series of portraits submerging in my own psychology, colliding between my nightmares, lascivious looks, my fear of touch and Monstrosity of what the home and the family represents to me. In ‘The Anger of Devotion’ I find that although I look, I do not want to look, because when what I live in my series looks at me, it is completely monstrous.

In 2016 I’m going to travel the world liberated from much of the above. Looking for my reflection, I begin by diagnosing an external and eternally present evil of American politics towards the people of my country (Mexico) and even the Mexicans themselves; racism so I use a world population, the redheads, as my visual motive.

I am adhering to the series, staging myself little by little, as a fictional character named Iv Li. Without knowing how it works, I use the houses of my friends, the landscapes of the countries where I travel, to take pictures of myself, mixing them with those of other ginger people that I find in the narrative of my story. Once alone, I use Iv Li to recreate the life of a woman persecuted not by others, but by herself, carried out to the point of absurdity.

‘Orange Sanguine’ is the search for an identity, from an alter ego that travels with me in different countries. Traveling with a suitcase that hides wigs, strange clothes and make-up. In each country we find Iv Li in solitary moments of preparation and anticipation to something that is not clear. The flight or the attack is waiting. Any routine of life becomes a metamorphosis of science fiction. Before returning to the rebellion where the “other ginger” have been added, Iv Li appears alone, absorbed and exhausted by her own reflection.



Liza Ambrossio

b. 1991. Mexico City. Lives and works in, México, U.S.A. and Europe.

“Within you live all the gods, all the heavens and all hell”



2016  Certificate in “New documental photography”, Gym of the art, México City, México

2015  Scholaship for the Certificate in photographic investigation “Los ornamentos del olvido” (The ornaments of oblivion) , Pagina en blando

2010-2015  Bachelor´s degree in Science of Communication whit specialty in journalism, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences; National Autonomous University of Mexico , Mexico City

2010-2013  Bachelor´s degree in Design, Metropolitan Autonomous University, México City



2017  Scholaship in Gulkinstan Residence for artist, Iceland, in process

2017  Scholaship in Dallas, Texas. Residence for artist, U.S.A.



2017  Photo Independient, U.S.A., shortlist

2016  Tokio Photo Awards, Japan, shortlist

2016  Photo España, Trasatlantica, Panamá, shortlist

2016  Lens Couture, Emerging talent, Holland, shortlist

2015  International Festival of the Image (F.I.N.I), México, series winner

2014  Festival, Paraty em foco, Brazil, shortlist

2012  SIF Mazatlán, México, Public prize



2016  The anger of devotion, Gallery 186, Ensenada, Baja California, México

2016  Blood of my blood, Gallery Casa Gotxicoa, San Pedro Garza, N.L., México



2015  Pagina en Blando, Disculpe las molestias (Excuse me for the inconveniences), México City, México

2014  Festival, Paraty em foco, Paraty, Brazil

2010 El palomar del minotauro, México City, México



2017  Project 1×1, Liza Ambrossio, México

2016  Photoiskusstvo, The anger of devotion, Russia

2016  Zefirka,The anger of devotion, Russia

2016  Mal de ojo,The anger of devotion, México

2016   Cameralabs,The anger of devotion, Russia

2016   Rafael Roa Photography and more,  Liza Ambrossio, Spain

2016  Milenio newspaper, Belleza a través de la violencia (Beauty through violence), Monterrey, México

2016  La Gaceta, Liza Ambrossio, Baja California, México

2016  FANG Magazine, Sangre de mi sangre (Blood of my blood), México

2015  Yaconic, Disculpe las molestias (Excuse me for the inconveniences), México

2015  Cuartoscuro, Los pecados de mi padre (The sins of my father), México

2015  L´Oeil de la photographie, Les péchés de mon père, E.E.U.U.- Francia

2013  La mosca, Cocaine II, México

2012  Project 1×1, Liza Ambrossio, México

2012  Fahrenheit magazine, Aura, México

2012  La mosca,  Cocaine I, México



2016-2017   Monotone, México City, México

2015-2017   Casa Gotxicoa, San Pedro Garza, N.L. México



2011 Liza Ambrossio, Braking rules, México City

2010 Very gay, Proyecto 21,  University Museum of Contemporary Art, (M.U.A.C), México City

2008-2010 Much Much, Proyecto 21, México City



2017  La ira de la devoción (The anger of devotion), self-publish, in process











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