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Liza Ambrossio (b.1993) began her photographic praxis at the age of sixteen when she asked one of the housekeepers of her mother’s house to steal photographs of the family’s albums to buy them, while Liza portrayed herself from her adolescence to adulthood looking for ways to survive from a distance during the process of emancipation of her family in Mexico City; At the same time, she worked photographing tortures and murders in the early morning hours for a local newspaper. In its stories, the feminine is threatening because it seduces and in the poetics of its seduction it devours. At the conclusion of her BA she was awarded with the Discoveries scholarship for the master in photography and artistic projects of the PIC.A School of Photo Spain.

Her universe incorporates symbols alluding to witchcraft that mixes with her written narrative, photographs, installations and videos that she unites by free association. Related to theories related to psychological manipulation and its influence on the continuation or rupture of the power professed by different social structures. It also seeks in her work the exercise of a sinister freedom that has a strong relationship with chance and instinct and involves the destabilization of female canons that threaten the possibility of exceeding the ethnic, sexual, moral, religious and political limits.

The work of Liza Ambrossio has been reviewed and presented by international critics, including: The British Journal of Photography, The Foto Fest of Houston, The Magnum Foundation, The País, Burn Magazine, Vogue Italy and L’Oeil de la Photographie.

Her work has been exhibited in several countries in Europe, Brazil and Mexico, including international fairs such as Photo London19; festivals such as Cortona On the Move, Encontros da image and FORMAT19; The museum Alberto Sampairo and The Museum of Ghotenburg.

She has obtained the Voies Off in Arles, France, the FNAC New talent in Spain, the Babel Gallery Award in Mexico and the Discoveries of Foto Magazine in Germany. She has been awarded grants for production residences in Iceland, the United States and Luxembourg 2017-2018.


“Reality is overrated and fantasy underestimated, in my opinion the richest thing that exists in life is fabulation and the power to imagine. That is why my photography is loaded with performative and cinematographic gestures, at the same time allusive to the pictorial archive and the documentary. Consequently, my work has become an exercise in sinister freedom carried to its strangest consequences, which has a strong relationship with chance and instinct trying to use all the narrative tools to create some emotion within the imperfection. It is an affront to terror and dehumanization because I believe that human passion is in itself an act of defiance. I enjoy playing to fail and live, mixing different techniques (archive images, pictorial intervention, makeup, collage, analog and digital photography …).

The texts that accompany my work inspired them based on crude instants of extreme detachment. Between madness and complete clarity (flash-backs). I capture the encounter and the search of my demons and of others as exits to freedom. I continue a transgressive aesthetic search between the strange and the everyday, the constructed and the fortuitous, being subtle and magical at the same time. My projects discuss the rudeness, subtlety, complexity and emotion of living outside the structures, thus illustrating my existential, mystical and psychic journey.

In my most recent projects I open my practice to reflect on how perverse, and unnecessary are the social structures (family), telling them how I have experienced them; an inbreeding curse in the context of Mexican sorcery. In my most recent experiment I investigate the consequences of the execution of female violence by intermingling my mental and real travels as a declaration of honesty until the rupture with myself.”

Liza Ambrossio (1993, Mexico City)
Live and work between Madrid, París and London




2018 | PIC. A School of Photo España MA Photography and artistic projects, Madrid, Spain

2017 | University of Texas Exchange program for students of excellence, Texas, USA

2016 | National Autonomous University of Mexico BA (Hons) Communication Sciences, Mexico City, Mexico

2016 | Autonomous Metropolitan University BA Design, Mexico City, Mexico



2019 | Photo museum Winterthur Plat(t)form, nominee

2019 | Unseen platform, nominee

2019 | TAI Talent Scholarship, artist winner

2019 | FotoMAGAZINE Discoveries award, artist winner

2018 | Magnum foundation & Fujifilm Burn award, finalist

2018 | Banc Sabadell Foundation DOCfield Dummy Award, shortlist

2018 | Luz del norte Galeria de Babel Award, artist winner

2018 | SCAN Terragona Full Contact, selected artist

2018 | Encontros da Image honorific mention

2018 | Voies Off Award 2018 artist winner

2018 | FNAC New Talent Award, artist winner

2018 | Cortona On the Move New visions, selected artist

2018 | Houston FotoFest Portfolio Review Scholarship, artist winner

2017 | Luz del norte Bindu Award, artist winner

2017 | Photo España Discoveries Scholarship, artist winner

2017 | Photo Independient Dummy award, artist winner

2016 | Tokio Photo Awards honorific mention

2016 | Photo España Trasatlántica, official selection

2015 | FINI artist winner

2014 | Paraty em foco finalist



2019 | Museum of Ghotenburg Sweden (ongoing)

2019| IMAGO Festival Portugal (ongoing)

2019 | BFOTO Festival Spain (ongoing)

2019 | FORMAT Festival The rage of devotion, UK

2018-2019 | FNAC New talent award, Naranja de Sangre-Blood Orange, Spain

2018 | Camara Oscura Gallery The rage of devotion, Spain

2017 | 186 Gallery The rage of devotion, Mexico

2016 | Casa Gotxicoa Gallery ‘Blood of my blood (Brama)’, Mexico



2019 | Somerset House Art on a postcard por BJP & Magnum, UK

2019 | Photo London Galeria Camara Oscura, UK

2019 | JustMAD Galeria Camara Oscura, Spain

2018 | Museum Alberto Sampairo Encontros da Image, Portugal

2018 | Foto Colectania DOCfield Dummy Award, Spain

2018 | Cosmos Arles Books Best photo books of the year, France

2018 | Fundidora Park Luz del norte, Mexico

2018 | Photomeetings Luxembourg The rage of devotion, LUX

2018 | Cosmos Arles Books The family of no men, France

2018 | Art Center of Alcobendas MA de Photo España, Spain

2017 | Photo Museum Cuatro Caminos (FM4) Luz del norte, Mexico

2017 | Fundidora Park Luz del norte, Mexico

2014 | Pagina en Blando Excuse me for the inconveniences, Mexico

2014 | Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico FINI, Mexico

2014 | Festival Paraty em foco Brazil



2019 | Too strong for fantasy’ (2018), screened at Women’s Film Festival, Germany (ongoing)

2018-2019 | Too strong for fantasy’ (2018), screened at FNAC, Spain (ongoing)

2018 | Too strong for fantasy’ (2018), screened at  Camara Oscura Gallery, Spain

2018 | ‘Too strong for fantasy’ (2018), screened at Photomeetings Luxembourg, LUX

2018 | The rage of devotion’ (2018), projection, Voies Off 2018, France

2018 | Winners of Luz del norte’(2018), projection, PhotOn, Spain

2018 | ‘Blood Orange’ (2018), projection, Foto Noche 2018, Spain

2018 | The rage of devotion’ (2018), projection, Cortona on the move, Italy

2018 | Too strong for fantasy’(2018), projection, Art Center of Alcobendas, Spain

2018 | ‘Liza Ambrossio Mix’ (2018), screened at Centro de la Imagen, Mexico



2019 | Naranja de Sangre-Blood Orange Liza Ambrossio (ongoing)

2018 | La ira de la devoción-The rage of devotion Liza Ambrossio y Laura Gonzalez- Flores, Mexico-Spain



2019 | Vogue Magazine Photo stories Artist featured, Italy

2019 | BLINK Magazine Interview, Korea

2019 | ArtNexus #111, Colombia

2019 | Woman Magazine Interview, Spain

2019 | Xataka foto I am a promiscuous artist (…), Spain

2019 | British Journal of Photography Interview, UK

2019 | Más de arte Liza Ambrossio: The call of the wild, Spain

2019 | PHROOM Artist featured, Italy

2019 | Burn Magazine Fujifilm/Young Talent Award, USA

2019fotoMAGAZINE Liza Ambrossio: The discovery of the year, Germany

2018 | El País Best photo books of the year, Spain

2018 | Tendencias del mercado Artist featured, Spain

2018 | Contra Replica Manual Focus: The rage of devotion, Mexico

2018 | PHMuseum Artist featured, UK

2018 | Influencers Magazine The demons that brought success, Spain

2018 | SCOPIO editions Artist featured, Portugal

2018 | Agencia EFE Liza Ambrossio: The Mexican pearl of photography, Spain

2018 | El País Liza Ambrossio: In the veins of a sorceress, Spain

2018 | NCI Interview, Spain

2018 | FNAC press Winner of the XVII Edition of New Talent, Spain

2018 | El País Liza Ambrossio: Immorality is important in my work, Spain

2018 | L’Officiel Own vision, Mexico

2018 | TAI Blog I believe in freedom as a flag, Spain

2018 | NEO2 Magazine Artist featured, Spain

2018 | Cadena Tres TV Artist featured, Spain

2018 | Cada día un fotógrafo Artist featured, Spain

2018 | ABC Cultural Alberto Garcia-Alix & Liza Ambrossio, Spain

2018 | fotoMAGAZINE Liza Ambrossio: The discovery of the year, Germany

2018 | El País Madrid, in terms of art, is not old Europe. And that’s good news, Spain

2018 | El Mundo The visual artist Liza Ambrossio throws the demons, Spain

2018 | El Mundo Here the monsters swarm, Spain

2018 | Albedo Media Artist featured, Spain

2018 | Le Jeudi Femmes engagées, LUX

2018 | Revue Women’s world, LUX

2018 | Woxx Photomeetings: Trois femmes fortes, LUX

2018 | Vogue Italia Artist featured, Italy

2018 | Eyes on Talents Liza Ambrossio: Voies Off Award, UK

2018 | Explore nation/ On a train to Rome, the ominous journey to cross the darkness with Liza Ambrossio, Steven Lee, UK

2018 | Clavo Ardiendo Magazine The esoteric photography, Spain

2018 | Vanguardia ‘The rage of devotion’ wins important contest in France, Mexico

2018 | Photo España Student wins the prestigious Voies Off award in Arles France, Spain

2018 | British Journal of Photography Arles: Young guns on show (…), UK

2018 | Clavo Ardiendo Magazine Artist featured, Spain

2018 | La Jornada From the rage to the devotion and vice versa, Mexico

2018 | Centro de la Imagen Artist featured, Mexico

2017| Fototazo LatAm f100: Liza Ambrossio (…), USA

2017 | Espacio Gaf Artist featured, Latin America

2017 | Project 1×1 Artist featured, Mexico

2016 | Rafael Roa Fotografía y más España

2016 | FANG Magazine Blood of my blood (Brama), USA

2016 | Yaconic Mexico

2015 | Cuartoscuro The sins of my father, Mexico

2015 | L´Oeil de la photographie The sins of my father, France



2018 | Neumünster Abbey Luxembourg

2017 | Gulkinstan Iceland

2017 | TX U.S.A.



2019 | PhotOn All devotion causes rage, Spain

2019 | FORMAT Festival About the Rage of devotion, UK

2019 | FNAC-Valencia All devotion causes rage, Tania Castro & Liza Ambrossio, Spain

2019 | FNAC-Barcelona A trip to madness, Arianna Rinaldo & Liza Ambrossio, Spain

2018 | Galeria Camara Oscura Alberto Garcia-Alix & Liza Ambrossio, Spain

2018 | Royal Photographic Society Rage and devotion, Spain

2018 | La Fabrica The rage of devotion, Alberto Garcia-Alix & Liza Ambrossio, Spain

2018 | Transforming Arts Institute Rage and devotion, Spain

2018 | School PIC.A Alcobendas Rage and devotion, Spain

2018 | FNAC-Madrid Rage and devotion, Spain

2018 | Cercle Cité Rage and devotion, LUX



2019 | OIJ International Youth Organization for Latin America Photographic competition, Jury, Spain

2018 | El País Selection of the best photo books of the year, Nominator, Spain


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