La ira de la devoción

Tres caras-final

The Anger is me, Saltillo, Coahuila, © Liza Ambrossio




“That you fare well, and believe me that I really hope you are strong and daring to have no mercy when it breaks your body and crush your soul the next time we meet again.” That’s how he said goodbye to me, mother, when I was sixteen.

In an attempt to relieve my family’s past, I perform a psychoanalytic and inbreeding self-exploration based on the epigenetic, a concept of biology and psychology; Which tells that family traumas are inherited through the blood, these acts are concretized in a series of frictions by the relation between them and not only manifests itself in the hurt but also in the self contempt.

I associate images of the family archive and paintings that remind me of their eternal presence during my museum trips, my photographs that they reconstruct in the form of diptychs, the nature of the maternity that I knew, endowed with a real and symbolic monstrosity.